Websites not updating on my computer

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This will bring up a blank ingredient list and a blank directions box as well as having additional fields to enter the recipe name, prep time, etc., just as if you were doing a normal custom import from an online website. You may have to figure out whether to swipe left or right the first time but this is a very easy way to switch between open applications on the i Pad, in this case Dropbox and My Recipe Book. Once you are in Dropbox, touch and hold the top left of your list of ingredients until you see the blue dots.Adjust the dots until all of your ingredients are highlighted and you will see a Copy button.Even though the site looks like it’s straight out of the 90s, Major Geeks has been one of the most reputable software download sites for over 15 years.

As you might glean from its name, Donation Coder prides itself on providing free and clean software in exchange for nothing but donations.Touch Paste and your list of ingredients will appear in the Ingredients box. Return to Dropbox as before but this time select and copy the directions from your Word recipe.Return to My Recipe Book and paste in the directions. Either retype the recipe title into My Recipe Book or use the same method to copy the recipe title from Dropbox to My Recipe App. When you are done, fill in any additional information such as servings or prep time, do any required minor editing and reformatting and then save the recipe normally. Repeat steps 5 through 11 for the rest of your Word formatted recipes.Touch the Copy button to copy the list of ingredients. Use the multi-touch sideways swipe in the other direction to return to My Recipe Book.Touch and hold the Ingredients box until you see a Paste button.

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