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There is a glimmer of hope for them until Xander says he wanted to stop the wedding before it happened.Taken aback, Anya asks Xander what he meant by that remark.Dawn proposes the idea of joining Buffy on patrol so the two can spend some time together, but Buffy isn't interested in that.On their coffee date, Willow fills Tara in on all of the supernatural activities that Tara has missed over the past months.Welcome them into the community and teach them how real vampires live!

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With the rise of Twilight and many other Vampire themed movies and novels, there will no doubt be an influx of new vampires into the scene.

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With her back turned to Xander, she reveals her vengeance demon face and angrily begins to wish him physical harm – but nothing happens.

Anya morphs back into her human face and, upset that her powers didn't work, she leaves while a confused Xander looks on.

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