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A simple “k” can come off as rude and uninterested.

Show him you are actually interested in what he has to say by replying with a sentence.

You spend hours crafting the perfect text message, adding an extra exclamation point, contemplating whether to use a smiley face or a winky face, and rereading it ten times before hitting send.

You’ve waited the appropriate amount of time so you don’t sound too desperate or uninterested and your best friends gave you the okay. You stare at your phone until it lights up, but the only new message you see is from Mom. Her Campus talked to the guys to learn about the texts they dread receiving from girls.

I doubt you would stand there and laugh out loud without saying something.

Guys would rather have a straightforward direct response that keeps the conversation flowing back and forth than a filler abbreviation that he doesn’t know how to read.

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This is a terrible form of the double text and a pet peeve to guys.

This is probably the worst texting crime you can commit.

No matter how hard it is, resist the urge to double text if you haven’t heard from him right away.

So when you say things like “I guess” or “Sure” you might not give off the right vibe. When she says, ‘I guess,’ I usually take it to mean she’s not really into me,” says Ryan*, a Florida State University senior. Then be forward and just send “Yes” or “Yeah,” whichever is more your style.

Guys are simple creatures, especially when it comes to texting.

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