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Skype isn't perfect, but it can be an amazing tool for kids to learn about communicating with others.

For safest use, supervise your teens' Skype chats and have your younger kids use your account.

Reading people's faces and hearing their tone of voice are dimensions of communication that email and text messaging don't capture.

This site can help kids learn the importance of face-to-face interaction.

It’s not that there’s no emotional information in the mouth, but during dynamic conversational exchanges they are missing a number of cues that a typically developing child would not.”Currently, social therapy programs are invested in initiating and sustaining eye-contact during social interaction, which Hutchins believes may be worsening the situation in light of her team’s new findings.

They'll learn to carefully listen to the person speaking through the screen and to think about their responses.But here we are with not only those supported, but Skype as well.Parents need to know that Skype is another way people can communicate online through video or by regular phone calls. Although it occasionally has technical glitches, it can be great for families with a member who is often traveling or is living in another location.We found that decreased working memory correlated with decreased eye fixations, so as working memory decreases, then we see fewer fixations on the eyes.”They found during emotional conversations, a child with ASD tended to break direct eye contact on the video chat and migrate their gaze towards the other person’s mouth.Researchers theorize it may be because emotions strain the same part of the brain that controls executive function, in which children with ASD tend to have limitations.

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