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Like the Pilgrims, the English Puritans believe that the Church of England is corrupt.Unlike the Pilgrims, they do not break with the church, but remain a part of it.Hutchinson's righteous insistence gets her in trouble with the religious and political authorities, including Governor John Winthrop.Charged with sedition, she is tried, banished and excommunicated.Over time Penn's colony attracts Quakers and Anglicans from England; Lutherans, Reformed, Mennonites, Amish and Dunkers from Germany; and Presbyterians from Scotland.

The first major mass movement in American history, the Great Awakening changes the way people experience God.He receives an immense tract of land west of the Delaware River from King Charles II (in repayment for a debt owed Penn's father) and establishes the "holy experiment" of Pennsylvania.The colony's founding documents include provisions for religious toleration, freedom of the press and statements of equality that include women, but not slaves.In 1624, King James officially charters Virginia as a royal colony.Its inhabitants are required by law to be members of the Anglican Church and to pay taxes to support the church.

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