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Ticks molested us, attaching themselves to our skin (Tous, 1930).The "three principal springs" described by Espinoza were probably the two large and one moderately large spring on the west end of Landa Lake.Groves of inexpressible beauty are found in this vicinity.We stopped at the other bank of the river in a little clearing surrounded by trees, and contiguous to said river.In the language of the Indians the Comal Springs were called .The Comal River arises entirely, except after major rains, from springs in this vicinity and flows for just over two miles through Landa Park and New Braunfels before confluencing with the Guadalupe River.

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She suggested that the International and Great Northern build a spur into the property.

In this painting, the third in the series, the theme is the use of the springs for everyday activity - cooking dinner.

The site is still largely recognizable today, and the rock being used for cleaning a fish is still there, with traces of animal residue from thousands of cooking events still visible.

Willow trees beautified the region of this river with their luxuriant foliage and there was a great variety of plants.

It makes a delightful grove for recreation, and the enjoyment of the melodious songs of different birds.

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