Dating divas makeup tutorial

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All you need is a thin-as-a-pin line of glue down the “spine” of the lash. If you get too much, it will not dry quickly, it might get into your eye, and it will look all gooped up where the extra smears on the eyelid. Pick warmer colors for your eyeshadow, then use a dark noir eyeliner and mascara to accent making your eyes pop!For your lips, be sure to pick a blood-red color of lipstick that is sure to leave your spouse wanting to kiss those luscious lips!Thanks to Twilight and all of the other vampire spin-offs, white skin and dark lips are IN!

The two of you can enjoy a relaxing morning on the couch, set out for a nice jog, hit the mall or even sit down to nice meal at your favorite restaurant.

Big, bold eyebrows are totally out and beautiful, shiny, long foreheads are totally in.

NOW is the time to get rid of those unsightly eyebrows before summer hits in full swing!

You all know how much we love getting ready for date night, right?

Well instead of a fun date idea today – we decided to show you SIX amazing date night statements that are trending right now!

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