Crazy cat woman dating video

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Why do we have to perfectly time our communication to avoid appearing overly interested? Rarely is what we look for in a relationship actually ridiculous, but we fear our biological makeup has given us a predisposition to insanity.Most of us didn’t come to college to graduate with our Mrs. As a gender we’re a lot more complex than our nonchalant texts and seemingly apathetic attitudes.We try so hard to appear unaffected by your indifferent attitudes, mixed messages and disappearing acts that we legitimately can’t help but give a shit.

It seems like the concept of playing “hard to get” will never die.Who knows if we’d think of you half as often if your name weren’t always at the top of our suggested chat corner on Facebook?There is a constant temptation to contact you, but we don’t. Just because we don’t have a “”, and assumed the worst about a girl you were tagged in a picture with.In an attempt to protect ourselves from coming across as insane, we do absolutely everything in our power to appear cool, casual, and disinterested.We put so much energy into guarding our mental state that we often completely neglect our charm.

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